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About Us

Tromp AG was established on 1 March 2010 to leverage on the deep and broad background in central banking, financial infrastructure development and business administration of experienced financial infrastructure experts and central bankers.

Philip Tromp, the founder of Tromp AG, has played an innovative and leading role within the central banking and financial infrastructure domain during his career, first within a central bank and thereafter as service provider to central banks. In the process he has attained a fundamental and practical understanding of the business issues and solution requirements of central banks, financial infrastructure providers and regulators.

Tromp AG can tap into a network of experienced central bankers, financial infrastructure specialists and information technology experts to address the needs of central banks and other central institutions around the world.


Tromp AG understands and aims to support the duality of central institutions such as a central bank or a regulator, as (1) a key role player in the development of national financial infrastructure aimed at enabling economic activity and/or financial stability, and (2) a unique organisation with its own internal management, systems and operational requirements.

Our mission is therefore:
  • To assist our clients in improving national and regional financial infrastructure. Read more...
  • In addition, Tromp AG can support clients in achieving optimal benefit from investments in systems and technology. Read more...

Tromp AG is positioned to provide both strategic and technical consultancy, as well as business and technical solution design, implementation services and support.
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