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Improving financial infrastructure
through strategic thinking, collaboration and technology
Capability to steer and drive major projects
In major projects the governance of the project is key to the successful execution thereof. Tromp AG has the know-how to introduce effective project governance in major projects both within organisations and in industry initiatives, such as national and regional financial infrastructure modernisation projects

Tromp AG is specialist in the management of large-scale business transformation projects, specifically those that involve stakeholders from different organisations and interest groups. Projects have also been executed in countries where English is not the first language.

The experience covers the management of projects in the following environments:
  • Implementation of RTGS and related systems in Southern Africa – the RTGS system developed and implemented by the South African Reserve Bank, was followed by 5 countries in Sub Saharan Africa implementing the Perago RTGS system
  • Implementation of RTGS systems in two of the larger Arab-speaking economies in North Africa
  • Implementation of RTGS systems in two Scandinavian countries
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